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Certificate Of Competence

Certificate of Competence: A self-coaching tool for optimising professional practice

Drawing on Solution Focused and Narrative ideas, the certificate of competence brings together in one document the key people who have influenced the practitioner and the wisdom these influences add to their practice.

Download the Certificate of Competence
About the Certificate of Competence
Instructions for using the Certificate of Competence

The tool can also be used by supervisors and coaches to help people generate a rich and robust professional identity and a resource for self-affirmation at times of professional challenge. The tool first came into being when I was supervising a social work student who preferred to continue working in a Solution Focused way once she was qualified and needed a way to hold onto what she had learnt through her training (Wheeler, J. & Greaves, Y. Solution Focused Practice Teaching in Social Work. In Nelson, T. S. (ed.) Education & Training in Solution Focused Brief Therapy New York: Haworth). The tool has been further developed through freelance supervision of a variety of colleagues in the following ways:

  • At the beginning of a period of supervision
  • At the end of a period of supervision
  • At an interim point in supervision to collate what has developed and as a platform for further work
  • As an aide to job interview preparation
  • The PDF version provides an opportunity for others to use the tool. The following information helps to take you from the PDF to a working tool.

    Step One

    You will need to print the two pages seperately. Print the second page on the reverse of the first page UPSIDE DOWN.

    Step Two

    Cut the pages down the middle to make two certificates.

    Step Three

    Fold your certificate as shown below.

    Step Four

    Work out your replies to the questions.

    Step Five

    Unfold your certificate as explained below according to need.

    Folding the Certificate of Competence

    How to fold the Certificate of Competence

    Using the Certificate of Competence

    How to use the Certificate of Competence How to use the Certificate of Competence