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Here are some International and UK sites I've found to be particularly relevant to Solution Focused work. Please contact me if any of the links break.

UK Sites

A multi-site training centre offering training in Solution Focused Practice in the North of England and beyond. SFT’s mission is to provide locally based, academically validated and professionally accredited training in Solution Focused Practice. The training will be relevant to practitioners in the helping professions and to any setting where Solution Focused Practice can make a difference.

A resource for practitioners in the North East of England and adjoining regions, who are interested in developing and promoting models of collaborative brief therapy. The network offers support, information and learning through events and publications.

UK Association for Solution Focused Practice: The national association for anyone in the UK using a Solution Focused approach to their work. Provides a regular newsletter with many interesting contributions, discussion group, register of practitioners and trainers and hosts an annual conference.

Website for the Brief Therapy Practice in London. Chris Iveson, Harvey Ratner, Evan George, Jasmin Ajmal and Jane Lethem. The site keeps us up to date with their training courses and workshops. They also have an interesting section on practice notes.

A professional interest group, open to anyone who uses Solution Focused Therapy (SFT) in the region. They meet 5 times a year, in Leeds, to exchange ideas, share training, and support each other with SFT work. The website includes a comprehensive bibliography and an article by Andrew Turnell.

Alasdair MacDonald's home page. As past research coordinator for EBTA, and current President, Alasdair has amassed a wealth of research on SFBT. There is also an impressive list of Alasdair's own publications.

Website for the Solutions Focus group in Bristol. Mark McKergow, Paul Z Jackson and Jenny Clarke mainly use a SF approach with organisations. The site provides information on the foundations of their work and training events along with an interesting collection of articles, tips and examples.

Website for Ioan Rees and colleagues. Provides information on training events and initiatives within Education, along with reflections on their hosting of the EBTA conference in 2002.

Carole Waskett has many years' experience in the UK health service; her site describes her services as an independent trainer, coach and supervisor. There's also a growing collection of free solution focused resources, particularly useful for staff in health and public services.

Paul has been a solution focused therapist for 13 years, holds an MA in SFBT and has over 1600 Client hours of experience, working with: Drug and alcohol users, people with depression, anxiety, OCD, and other issues. Paul is an experienced trainer and also works as a consultant in the substance misuse field.

International Sites

The Brief Family Therapy Center in Milwaukee USA and the home of solution-focused brief therapy. Here you will find Steve de Shazer's "recent thoughts", Insoo Kim Berg's "Hot tips", Gale Miller's column called "mind your language" Peter de Jong's thoughts about practice and research and a newly created student's corner.

Website for the European Brief Therapy Association. This provides an ever-growing collection of research, articles and information on the annual conferences. Have a look at the photos for previous conferences and see who you can recognize.

The Solution Focused Therapy discussion list is a lively "virtual community" engaged in the discussion of various aspects of solution-focused brief therapy, sharing ideas, answering each others questions and sharing a degree of irreverence. The list operates via e-mail. The Solution Focused Therapy page includes information about the list as well as other information.

The Canadian network for Solution Focused practitioners. This ever-growing web site includes a useful collection of articles and interviews. BTN has a discussion facility and has expressed an interest in linking with our forum to broaden the discussion.

Ben Furman and Tapani Ahola Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute website, which illustrates the various adaptations of "solution talk" and "re-teaming". Child workers will find Ben's "Kids 'n' Skills" to be of particular relevance, along with THE STEPS OF RESPONSIBILITY: How to Deal with the Wrongdoings of Children and Adolescents in a Way That Builds Their Sense of Responsibility.

Web site for Scott Miller, Mark Hubble and Barry Duncan and their Institute for the Study of Therapeutic Change. Includes summaries of the latest published research in therapy outcomes across the broad range of therapeutic approaches. Their concern is with "what works in therapy". The site features a particularly interesting Baloney Watch. Scott presented an inspiring workshop to BTNE in September 2003.

Website for Bill O'Hanlon who presented to BTNE in 2001. Bill's site explains his particular slant on solution focused work and includes an attic with various handouts and lists.

Website for Michael Durrant's Brief Therapy Institute of Sydney. The site includes a useful collection of articles and the most comprehensive collection of links you are likely to find, running like a time line of SFBT.

Website for Tomasz Switek in Poland. Tomasz has famously contributed to the SF world by producing his Deck of Trumps which can be found on this website. The site also includes the research into the personal impact of becoming a SF practitioner.

The SFBT part of Wally's home page provides another impressive collection of research into the effectiveness of SFBT and information on the MAM, an assessment tool designed to explore the SFness of team discussions.

Website for Harry Korman, the host of the SFList.
Harry's site includes an article on the ethics of diagnosis, and a downloadable version of the book, "Talk about a miracle" which he wrote in 1994 with Martin Svderquist, drawing on their experience of working with heroin users.

Solutions Centre is an international organization that aims to disseminate the Solution-Building Model through training and consultation. Insoo Kim Berg, Arnoud Huibers and Coert Visser form the editorial staff of a monthly newsletter about the application of the model.

Website for the US based Solution Focused Brief Therapy Association. Contains useful materials for downloading including two books, and interesting articles.