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Three day training of 20 Youth Offending workers

"Thanks so much for the training it was excellent and really well received by the whole team. All went away feeling they had learned something and the resource was usable with the families and young people that we work with."

Comment from manager at the end of the first two days

Two day workshop on Solution Focused Practice delivered to 40 participants from the Educational Psychology and Behavioural Support Service of Nottinghamshire County Council. 2005

"Thank you for the excellent two days you spent with us. This was a very uplifting event. It is very clear that you made a huge impression on people both personally and professionally, and that people went away inspired."

John Bradley, Head of Inclusion Services. Principal Educational Psychologist.

Workshop in India 2004

At the end of the two day training in India participants where asked to say which words came to mind. They replied as follows.

Effective, useful, refreshing, creative, hopeful, energising, enthusiastic, exciting, wonderful, excellent, amazing!!!!!

Plenary presentation to Solutions with Children and Young People Conference. Brief Therapy Practice, London, 2004

"What a lovely and inspiring man! Enjoyed the clear overview he presented."

"Creative, rich in ideas and clear material. Showed an interesting perspective of how the ideas work for him and his clients using personal and professional exemplars. His handouts were very useful to follow up the conversation with the clients."

"Idiosyncratic, thought provoking, stimulating. Everything an opening session should be."

"Very nicely paced and connected with the group."

Two day workshop in the North East

At the end of the second day participants where asked to say which words came to mind. They replied as follows.

Food for thought ,useful, interesting, another tool to use, thought provoking, excellent, inspiring, Miracles!

The following general comments were also given.

Very useful in terms of goal setting and helping clients to realize and use their own resources.

Fresh perspective on "same old" situations. Instantly usable tools.

New ideas, different way of thinking.