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Singing can be another wonderful way to remove stress, be happy and, if you sing in a choir, be part of an exhilarating experience of being synchronised with others and being part of something bigger than yourself.

I have met many people who have gone through life thinking they couldn’t sing, often as a result of unhelpful feedback when they were younger. It turns out that being unable to sing is rarer than people might think. Thankfully many adults take the chance of going to “find your voice” workshops and are helped to challenge these unhelpful assumptions. There are also many non-audition community choirs around the country who welcome new members, even if they prefer to sing quietly at the back at first. In the North East there are more than 20,000 people singing in choirs. If you live in the North East of the UK check out www.20000voices.or to see if there’s a choir near you.

I have the great pleasure of singing in two choirs:

Caedmon choir meets at the Sage Gateshead. See www.caedmonchoir.org.uk for more details.

Here are some you tube clips of the choir in full voice.

North East Gospel choir. See sites.google.com/site/northeastgospel for more details.

Here are some you tube clips of the Gospel choir in full voice.