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Solution Focused Training

Solution Focused Skills Training

Training objectives

Overall aim is to equip people to practice, and in particular,

  • To have a clearer understanding of the aspects of their own practice style which contribute to engagement and good outcomes.
  • To have explored beliefs about practice which are likely to bring user strengths to the fore.
  • To have learnt and tried out practice tools which help to elicit user strengths and generate engagement.
  • To have explored the application of the above learning to everyday work.
  • To have identified steps which will help to consolidate learning and generate further skills development once back in practice.
  • Training Structure

    Two consecutive days with an optional follow up a month later. About 20 to 40 per group, includes presentation of material, examples of practice and experiential exercises in groups of varying size.

    Course Content

  • What already works?
  • The Solution Focused Approach
  • Solution Focused Tools
  • Extended practice
  • Demonstration by John Wheeler
  • Special issues
  • What next?